As Kaiser pushed two-tier wages and benefits on Alliance union members and the Local 39 Operating Engineers strike passed its second month, Coalition union members responded with action. Together, we:

  • Exposed Kaiser’s greed by flyering co-workers and the public
  • Were the first in a wave of sympathy strike announcements that helped change the tide at the bargaining table
  • Organized tens of thousands of workers nationwide for a sticker action calling on Kaiser to prioritize patients over profits
  • Held the largest sympathy strike in over a century: 40,000 SEIU-UHW, OPEIU 29, and IFPTE 20 union members at 21 facilities in Northern California said we care enough about another group of workers to leave our jobs, give up pay, and stand with the with striking Kaiser Local 39 Operating Engineers.

Standing shoulder to shoulder, we felt the strength of our collective power. We are proud of the part we played to help bring about A fair contract for Alliance union members. WE still stand strong with Local 39 engineers. We Remain Ready to Fight whenever Kaiser greed threatens quality patient care.