The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions unites 85,000 members of four international unions at Kaiser hospitals, clinics, and facilities throughout the United States. 

IFPTE Local 20
Northern California
Membership: 1,517 — Clinical laboratory scientists, medical laboratory technicians, optometrists and optometric assistants, genetic counselors, home health physical, occupational, and speech therapists

OPEIU Local 2
District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
Membership: 4,763 — Health care and administrative; including member services representatives, coding technicians, receptionists, licensed practical nurses, clinical assistants, surgical assistants, urgent care technologists, cardiology technologists, physical therapist assistants, radiology technologists,  MRI technologists, bone density technologists, sonographers, laboratory clerks, pathology assistants, lab specimen processors, ophthalmology assistants, opticians, optometrists, pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy clerks, telemedicine support, referral management assistant, SNF placement coordinator, facility services assistant, secretary, accountants

OPEIU Local 8
Seattle, Washington
Membership: 1,044 — Offices, hospitals, clinics, social services, housing, home care, credit unions, the insurance industry, and the public sector

OPEIU Local 29
Northern California
Membership: 2,550 — Administrative, service, maintenance, and accounting workers

OPEIU Local 30
San Diego County
Membership: 4,916 — Administrative, service, maintenance, and accounting workers, including licensed vocational nurses (LVN), physical therapy assistants, medical transcriptionists, orthopedic technicians, ophthalmic technologists

OPEIU Local 50
Membership: 50 — Registered Nurses

SEIU Local 49
Oregon and Southwest Washington
Membership: 4,800 — Service and clerical workers, including environmental services, gardeners, food service workers, cashiers,  lab techs, dental clerks, phlebotomists, gardeners, certified nursing assistants, clerks, schedulers, coordinators, and more.

SEIU Local 105
Greater Denver area, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo
Membership: 3,050 — Health care and property care workers, including member services representatives, licensed practical nurses, coding technicians, receptionists, cardiology technicians, pharmacy clerks and couriers

SEIU Local 121RN
Southern California
Membership: 354 — Registered nurses

SEIU Local 1199NW
Seattle, Washington
Membership: 2,917 — Registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers and service professionals

Membership: 57,443 — Medical assistants, medical social workers, information technology workers, environmental service workers, surgical technicians, food professionals, unit assistants and other health care professionals