Partnership Basics - Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions


Partnership Basics

1997 Labor Management Partnership Agreement
“As social benefit membership organizations, founded on the principle of making life better for those we serve, it is our common goal to make Kaiser Permanente the pre-eminent deliverer of health care in the United States. It is further our goal to demonstrate by any measure that labor-management collaboration produces superior health care outcomes, market leading competitive performance, and a superior workplace for Kaiser Permanente employees.”


How-To Guides

 Toolkits with posters, flyers, guides, and more you can use at your workplace.

“Have Great Meetings”

“Run Your UBT Smoothly”

 “Steps to Build an Agreement”


Posters & Worksheets

Interest-Based Problem Solving and Consensus Decision Making
Download and print out so team members can follow the processes of interest-based problem solving and consensus decision making step by step.


Differences Between Grievances and Issue Resolution
Use this chart to decide whether a grievance or issue resolution would be the best method for solving a sticky situation.


On-boarding New Team Members
Help new members feel like part of the team by following this checklist.


Using the UBT Charter
This template can be used during a team’s first meetings to help create a charter, laying the foundation for its work.


How to Adopt the Best from Others
Get tips on how your team can save time and effort by borrowing successful practices from others.