Unites more than 85,000 health care workers at Kaiser Permanente facilities in California, Colorado, Oregon, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington.

What’s New

Caroline Lucas Named Executive Director

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions is pleased to announce Caroline Lucas as Executive Director. Caroline has worked with the Coalition, and in Partnership, for seven years, first as a National Coordinator in Northern California and, most recently, as Deputy Director. She will be the first woman to lead the Coalition in its 26-year history.


Coalition Moves Kaiser to Increase 2021 Bonus Payout in Regions Not Meeting PSP Financial Gate

Coalition union leaders across the nation expressed our strong and widespread disappointment with Kaiser’s position about the PSP bonus for regions they say did not meet the “financial gate” (every region except NCAL). In response, Kaiser has agreed to increase their “thank you” bonus payout to $1500 for employees who were coded at 32 hours/week or more in 2021 and $1000 for those who area coded at less than 32 hours/week, regardless of the region meeting the financial gate.

Employees whose bonus or incentive plan met their targets and are expected to pay out more than $1500 will receive the higher payout.

Bonuses will be paid in March of 2022.

The uncertainty around the PSP bonus this year is one more reminder of the importance of 2023 bargaining and our need to be united and ready to stand up for fairness and recognition.



As Kaiser pushed two-tier wages and benefits on Alliance union members and the Local 39 Operating Engineers strike passed its second month, Coalition union members responded with action. 

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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy– Booster Shots Update

Recently, the Coalition moved Kaiser to expand leave benefits related to vaccine booster shots. Effective November 19, 2021, through May 1, 2022, all employees are eligible for:

  • 2 hours of paid administrative time to receive a COVID vaccination booster shot
  • 8 hours of COVID paid leave for those who have a physician confirmed adverse reaction to receiving a COVID vaccination booster shot

We encourage all of you and your loved ones to please get vaccinated and a booster as soon as you are eligible.

Read the full story here and the text of the policy here.

Coalition Leaders Sharpen Skills, Prepare for 2023 Bargaining at Union Delegate Conference 

On August 13-14, more than 200 union members nationwide gathered virtually for the annual Union Delegates Conference (UDC). With 2023 National Bargaining on the horizon, member leaders walked away empowered and mobilized and discussed what’s at stake in our Partnership.