The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions unites more than 85,000 health care workers at Kaiser Permanente facilities in California, Colorado, Oregon, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington.

3pm PT (4pm MT // 6pm ET)  &  6pm PT (7pm MT // 9pm ET)

Gather again with your Coalition union siblings for an exciting and exhilarating National Town Hall. Here’s what we have planned:

  • 2023 CKPU Contract Campaign Video Launch: It’s not just a video; it’s the story of us, our journey, and our victories. 
  • State of the Coalition Update: Let’s talk about where we stand, the mountains we’ve climbed, and the ones we’re about to conquer.
  • Our Work Ahead: From PSP to Joint Staffing, we’ve got plans— BIG plans. 
  • Special Guest Speakers: Hear from the newest group to join our Coalition.

98.5% Yes Vote Ratifies 2023 National Agreement

After the largest healthcare worker strike in US history, we secured a landmark agreement that provides a framework for long-term solutions to the short-staffing crisis. This victory was delivered by the sheer grit, unwavering dedication, and unbreakable spirit of our Coalition union members. It is a victory well deserved.

The 4-year contract covering 85,000 represented healthcare workers is in effect from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2027. 

UPDATE: Raises and bonuses to be implemented in December 2023. Read more… 

“Millions of Americans are safer today because tens of thousands of dedicated healthcare workers fought for and won the critical resources they need and that patients need,” said Caroline Lucas, Executive Director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. “This historic agreement will set a higher standard for the healthcare industry nationwide.”