We give our all to provide quality, compassionate patient care. We come to work despite mental and physical exhaustion. We cover shifts when staffing is short. We sacrifice our own health and safety to serve our communities. 

Coalition union leaders have called on Kaiser to recognize our commitment and sacrifices made during this pandemic by providing all Coalition union members with a full PSP payout. We ask Kaiser to follow widely accepted public health principles– not scrutinize and penalize caregivers about attendance during the Delta and Omicron surges.

Kaiser has made billions, and executive pay has soared during this pandemic. Yet, Kaiser management may use regional “financial gate” metrics as an excuse to withhold PSP payouts. It is rumored that only Coalition union members in Northern California are in line for the full PSP payout– even though union members in every region gave their all this past year and deserve full credit for it. 

Right now, Kaiser management has an opportunity to show how much they value their frontline workers. We ask them to make the most of it and continue showing it as we approach our 2023 National Agreement negotiations.