On the 25th Anniversary of the Labor Management Partnership, Coalition union members nationwide delegated local Kaiser leaders with personalized messages on the worker staffing crisis and its impacts on patient care— and it was powerful.

Frontline workers are exhausted and burnt out. Skyrocketing inflation is eating away at our wages and raises. We have to fight to get an extra day off and are pressured to work overtime because of short staffing. Attrition and vacancy levels are at an all-time high.

It does not have to be this way. We must use the Partnership to focus on retaining existing employees and hiring before things get any worse.

Last month, the Coalition sent this letter calling on Kaiser Permanente to address the healthcare worker staffing crisis by:

  • Streamlining hiring
  • Adjusting pay scales to attract talent, including a $25 minimum wage
  • Addressing worker burnout
  • Accelerating workforce training and job placement

Kaiser, it is time we get to work.