October 1, 2018

We realize that many Coalition Union members have had questions and concerns about what happens to your wages and benefits and the Labor Management Partnership activities that Coalition Unions and its members participate in under the National Agreement after September 30, 2018.

Coalition Union leaders have been working hard to get answers to your critical questions, while also continuing to put pressure on Kaiser Permanente to return to the bargaining table with us.

While the 2015 National Agreement’s termination date is September 30, 2018, the local contracts covering all Coalition Union members and bargaining units do not expire until mid-to-late 2019 or later. The National Agreement states that if the Agreement expires without a new one in place, ALL wages and benefits will continue uninterrupted or altered until the expiration of the local agreements.

Wages, benefits and performance sharing bonus opportunities, in addition to all Labor Management Partnership structures, activities and work will remain intact past Sept. 30, 2018. This includes an across-the-board wage increase on or around Oct. 1, 2018.

Labor Management Partnership Activities and Infrastructure

Coalition Unions are committed to the Labor Management Partnership and unit-based teams, and all the benefits our members have gained as a result. We will continue to partner with Kaiser Permanente to ensure our voice is heard in unit-based teams, LMP Councils and other partnership bodies, and that our members continue to have access to the valuable, hard-won benefits such as education funds.

Kaiser Permanente leaders have indicated that KP will continue its commitment to the Labor Management Partnership with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. KP has informed us that it intends to continue to fund the LMP Trust, which pays for the established LMP activities, roles, processes and infrastructure.

What does this mean for you?  All partnership work continues while the parties continue to work toward a new National Agreement. That means unit-based teams should continue their important work.  Facility and regionally-based LMP Councils and other partnership groups should carry on with meetings and critical decision-making. Labor Liaisons, Union Partnership Representatives, Total Health and Workplace Safety Labor Leads and other LMP trust-funded front-line union leaders who do partnership work should continue as they normally would.

Where are we at now

Coalition Union leaders’ number one priority remains getting back to the bargaining table with KP and securing a new National Agreement for Coalition members.

On September 24, after months of tough negotiations and agreeing to KP’s new Partnership Agreement, the Alliance of Healthcare Unions, comprised of the 22 local unions that withdrew from the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions last spring, reach a tentative National Agreement with Kaiser Permanente. Their tentative agreement covers wages and benefits as well as partnership structures and programs. Their members will vote soon on the package.

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, over 80,000 members strong, is focused on and committed to securing its own National Agreement that will meet the specific needs and best interests of our Coalition Union members.

We are united to win a new National Agreement that:

  • Secures equity in wages and the pension multiplier for the Regions Outside of California (ROC);
  • Protects our benefits and wages;
  • Ensures the newly added Washington State unions enjoy the same standards and provisions of the National Agreement;
  • Protects our union jobs and ensuring job security.

Our unity is our strength.  The strength of the Coalition over the past 20 years is what has helped us win the best contract in healthcare in the United States.

We are confident that our unity and strength will get Kaiser Permanente to come back to the table and negotiate a new National Agreement that our members deserve.


Michael Aidan, Assistant Executive Director, IFPTE Local 20

Violeta Aguilar-Wyrick, Field/Health & Safety Coordinator, SEIU Local 121RN

Walter Allen, Executive Director/CFO, OPEIU Local 30

Chris Barton, Director Nurse Alliance, SEIU 1199 NW

Linda Bridges, First Vice President, OPEIU Local 2

Suzanne Mode, Business Manager, OPEIU, Local 8

Maureen Meehan-Golonka, President, HNA OPEIU Local 50

Meg Niemi, President, SEIU Local 49

Dave Regan, President, SEIU-UHW

Tamara Rubyn, President/Business Manager, OPEIU Local 29

Ron Ruggiero, President, SEIU Local 105