Please download, print, and distribute this flyer.

At a meeting with Kaiser on their unilateral implementation of the Mandatory Vaccination Policy, your Coalition Leaders expressed anger and disappointment that this was not done in partnership. Kaiser apologized and said they had to act quickly in the name of public health and that their goal is to get people vaccinated, not terminate anyone.

Regardless of motive, Coalition Leaders asserted that the impacts of this policy on our members must be fair.

More than a mandate: Outreach, and inclusion are key.

  • Requested that Doctors join union-led huddles, steward meetings, department meetings, and other forums to educate members about the vaccine.
  • Need a real plan from Kaiser to reach the unvaccinated, including those on leave or that do not check their KP email, with clear information about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Need clear communication on the deadline for compliance with new rules, including each date and specific requirements that must be met by that date (i.e., testing requirements) as it may vary by state.

Paid Time Off, Workers Comp

  • Confirmed workers will receive 2 hours of paid time for vaccination at Kaiser facilities, including travel time, for each dose of the vaccine required.
  • Confirmed workers may access Workers Comp if they have a reaction to a vaccine, like with the flu shot.
  • Requested that time off related to vaccinations should not count against PSP attendance goals.

Medical and Religious Exemptions

  • The criteria, processes, and timeline for applying for exemptions should be clearly communicated and applied evenly across the whole enterprise.

Staffing, PPE, and readying for Delta Variant Surge

  • There should be a plan to ensure sufficient staffing as current surge numbers rise and the demand for testing and vaccination increases.
  • Need a plan to ensure that workers have access to appropriate PPE for the needs of the current surge. Kaiser confirmed their confidence on this issue, as many earlier supply-chain issues have been resolved.
  • Safety protocols should continue to be adamantly adhered to, even with a more protected workforce.
  • Anyone who tests positive, regardless of vaccination status, should not be expected to report to work until cleared, like any other infectious disease. Kaiser agreed and will work to communicate on this issue with management.

 Union Rights

  • Unions will continue to receive weekly vaccination reports and request notification of any exemption denials.
  • A union representative should be present at any meeting with an employee about exemption accommodations or potential disciplinary action relating to the vaccination requirement.