The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions is pleased to announce our redesigned website (you’re reading it) — built especially with our 2020 national campaigns in mind.

In addition, the site is fully integrated with our re-branded — and expanded — social media presence.

A Site Built for Action

The website’s lighter, more mobile design makes it easy to find news, resources, and other information about major campaigns the Coalition will be launching in 2020 along with the Labor Management Partnership.

Here’s what you’ll find at the new

  • Posters, flyers, toolkits, articles, and other resources for UBTs to use at facilities
  • Resources for the Coalition’s Attendance and Mail Order Prescription campaigns (as part of the NA)
  • Coronavirus updates, information, and resources
  • Resources for the LMP’s “Partnership Basics” campaign
  • Still more Partnership resources for career planning and education 
  • Live Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds from the Coalition
  • Links to our member unions and all of their websites and social media
  • A clean, mobile-responsive design that makes it easy to find information or take action, anytime and anywhere.

We’re a Social Bunch Too

Along with the website, the Coalition has been re-branding and expanding its presence and activity on social media:

  • The same user name — @UnionCoalition — for Facebook, Twitter, and our new Instagram page 
  • A Facebook group for union activists
  • MailChimp for email action alerts

What You Can Do Now

The “Partnership Basics” and the Coalition’s 2019 National Agreement campaigns will all be starting up soon. You can get ready in just a few minutes:

  • Check out the campaign resources on the website
  • Follow the Coalition on social media
  • Sign up for email action alerts in the page footer section below

Happy new year! We’re just getting started.