The 2019 National Agreement increases PSP bonus amounts for better attendance. Here are some resources.

“Using Sick Days Wisely is Good for Your Financial Health” (PDF)

“Sick Leave HRA Rewards Good Attendance”
The 2015 National Agreement increased the value of your banked sick days when you retire.  

Tips for Improving Attendance
Tips for improving attendance in your department.

Attendance Incentives Tool
Share these tips for gaining better attendance with team members in huddles and meetings.

Team-Tested Practices: Alternatives to Calling In Sick (toolkit)
Sick days are handy — for illness, and not days off. But there are plenty of options.

10 Essential Tips for Improving Attendance
Inspire team members with ways to improve attendance by posting this on bulletin boards and discussing in team meetings.

2020 Attendance Calendar (download letter or legal size)
Print out this colorful attendance calendar and use it to track and plan your time away from work.

“Sick Days Are Not Days Off”
Fighting the plague of too many sick days.