Picking up where we left off in April, Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Union (CKPU) member leaders and Kaiser management met once again from May 14 – 16 in Los Angeles to resume national contract negotiations.

Bargaining kicked off with opening remarks from Coalition leader, Dave Regan, president of SEIU-UHW, and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan President Janet Liang,

Our primary focus this session was to establish the working sub-groups, review the charters and to begin prioritizing deliverables.

Three sub-groups were established and met over the course of the sessions: Operational Effectiveness and Quality of Care Delivery; Commitment to Partnership, and Work of the Future. Each sub-group will be jointly led by a labor and management pair. After opening remarks, the common issues committee (CIC) members and observers dove into the work of their sub-groups.

Members of the sub-groups shared personal experiences, listened to differing points of view, and one group conducted a visioning exercise.

The Commitment to Partnership sub-group was visited by Tami Lamp, the newly hired Chief HR officer and her team to affirm and reinforce Kaiser’s commitment to a strong partnership with CKPU.

“This week’s sessions were energizing—both sides were engaged in constructive dialogue and displayed a genuine desire to work well together for our mutual benefit and success,” CKPU Executive Director Walter Allen said.

Next month’s bargaining sessions will take place from May 28 – 29 in Los Angeles.