We did it. Coalition union members met the goal of having 40% of prescriptions delivered by mail and we stopped increases to our prescription copays. Rx copays will remain $10 for in-person pickup and $5 per mail delivery for Coalition union members (NW and WA region rates may vary but will remain the same). We saved hundreds of dollars in increased Rx costs from budgets already squeezed by high inflation rates.

Locking in our current low copays did not just happen; we worked for it. Dozens of Mail Order Pharmacy Champions walked the floors and had thousands of face-to-face conversations. Member leaders presented at huddles and union meetings. We had tens of thousands of member-to-member text exchanges in a matter of days and followed up through email. 62,000 of you took our KP Learn course to understand what was at stake. Together, we educated and activated each other to take action to stop Rx copay increases.

We showed that we have a strong network that can reach and move tens of thousands of members to action. As a Coalition of twelve unique locals, we coordinated our goals, got to work, and got results through our organizing. 

Bargaining begins on April 18, and we have our work cut out for us— but we are 85,000 strong. We have each other‘s backs, and we can do anything we put our minds to. 

“This is just a small example of what we can do when we work together. Let’s keep it up as we move into National Bargaining.”

- Chrissy Dowling

Teleservice Rep and Mail Order Pharmacy Champion, OPEIU Local 2, Mid-Atlantic States