The 2017 Frontline Skills Development Institute, a three-day learning event, welcomed nearly 200 frontline union leaders.

The theme for this year’s FSDI was Union Leaders Leading Partnership.

Through speakers and workshop facilitators, union members learned to manage projects effectively, execute on work plans, and deliver engaging and succinct presentations to leaders.  In addition, there were sessions focusing on workplace safety, total health and  supporting and developing unit-based teams.

Each year, we invite Total Health Labor Leads, Workplace Safety leads, special-assignment staff such as union partnership representatives and other front-line union leaders designated by their local unions. The goal? Equip emerging union workers with the leadership and partnering skills that will help in their daily work.

Available Presentations

FSDI 2017 Gregerman Materials
 BLUF your way through it_Elaine Evans
 Plant the Story Tree_Elaine Evans
 S-E-T-ting up Executives_Elaine Evans
 Building a Culture of Health_Betelhem Michael & Nicole VanderHorst
 Coaching for Success_Priscilla A. Kania
 Change is Here_Jessica Butz & LeAnda Russell
 Critical skills for the Future_Danielle Pollard & Nedra Daugherty
Engaging Workforce_Jane Holtmann
 How-to Guide for Leveraging UBTs for Health & Safety_Michelle Cordova & …
 IBPS Facilitation_Priscilla A. Kania
 Presenting Virtually_Ann Tardy
 Resisting & Persisting in a Right-to-Work Environment_Lara Manzione & Ku…
Trainer Bootcamp in 90 minutes_Bayview II
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