August 2, 2023

Our Economic Proposal to Kaiser

On Aug. 1, we presented a full, comprehensive economic proposal to Kaiser management. Here’s what we are asking for:

  • Across-the-Board Wage Increases for ALL Regions: Year 1: 7%, Year 2: 7%, Year 3: 6.25%, Year 4: 6.25%. These raises would be greater than anything Kaiser has agreed to with any other unionized group, including the CNA and UNAC RNs, and are the largest raises we have ever asked for.
  • $25/hr minimum wage across Kaiser.
  • $1,500 minimum PSP payout – we deserve to be rewarded when we meet goals regardless of Kaiser’s financial goals.
  • Maintain all healthcare benefits – NO TAKEAWAYS!
  • Increase the funding amount for our retirement Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts to $2,500/yr.
  • Bring Washington region into full spectrum of retiree benefits. WA KPSA plan funding increase from $350 to $2500 per year. Look at bridge into pension for SEIU 1199NW and OPEIU 8. 
  • Close loopholes for unexpected plan change and increased costs for retirees – this includes maintaining the current California plan despite the 2018 Southern California aberration. Use 2019 as base retiree medical plan benchmark for the Northwest Region.
  • Committee on Retirement Investments – joint committee to work together around investments in the KP retirement system.
  • Increase shift differentials & classification adjustments in all local bargaining.
  • Increase KP’s contributions to all labor education funds to 0.7% of payroll
  • $75 million per year for Futuro Health from community benefits funding – funding that Kaiser as a non-profit must use for community organizations that they can not use for worker wages or benefits.

So how did management react? They refused to respond.

That’s right. Refused. No proposals. No counters. No answers to our questions about hiring, about their finances, or about their non-union expansion plans in Pennsylvania. Kaiser management is trying to slow-walk us to the expiration of our contract, and it’s clear we need to continue to turn up the heat on them.

Let’s Keep that Picket Momentum Going!

Last week, thousands of Coalition union members held pickets in our first major public action of the contract campaign– with more than 375 media outlets covering our story.

To win the contract we deserve, we have to keep getting louder!

CKPU National Town Hall on August 10

Join 85,000 of your Coalition union siblings at 3pm PT // 4pm MT // 6pm ET   — or —  6pm PT // 7pm MT // 9pm ET on Thursday, August 10 for:

  • Details on our economic proposal to Kaiser and National Bargaining update
  • Reports from our nationwide picket and solidarity actions
  • The next step in our plan to secure strong raises and strong contracts

Download a flyer for your worksite

This event is only open to Coalition union members. 
Registration allows you access to either session on August 10.