For weeks, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions (CKPU) has been in continued discussions with Kaiser about the PSP bonus for regions they say did not meet the “financial gate” necessary to trigger a PSP bonus which applies to every region except Northern California. There are ongoing disputes that are currently being adjudicated on the link between the financial gate and PSP bonus payout in several regions.

The Coalition called on Kaiser to pay the full PSP bonus to all Coalition union members regardless of the financial trigger, but they were not willing to do so. Kaiser initially offered to pay $1000 to full-time workers and $750 to part-time employees (coded less than 32 hours).

Coalition union leaders across the nation expressed our strong and widespread disappointment with Kaiser’s position. Now, Kaiser has agreed to increase their “thank you” bonus payout to $1500 for employees who were coded at 32 hours/week or more in 2021 and $1000 for those who area coded at less than 32 hours/week, regardless of the region meeting the financial gate. On-call and per diem workers are also eligible for this bonus.

Employees whose bonus or incentive plan met their targets and are expected to pay out more than $1500 will receive the higher payout. In NCAL, where the financial gate was met, PSP bonuses will be based on how each service area and the region overall performed on the goals established for the year (details available later this month).  

Bonuses will be paid in March of 2022. Employees in SCAL must have been hired/rehired prior to 9/27/2021. Employees in NW, HI, CO, and MAS must have been hired/rehired prior to 10/02/2021. There is no comparable hire/rehire date requirement for NCAL or WA employees.

Please contact your local union representative with any eligibility questions or concerns.

The uncertainty around the PSP bonus this year is one more reminder of the importance of 2023 bargaining and our need to be united and ready to stand up for fairness and recognition.

Letter from Steve Shields, Senior Vice President on 2021 PSP Payout

National Agreement PSP information: Section 2, pp. 57-61