November 9, 2023

After the largest healthcare worker strike in US history, we secured a landmark agreement that provides a framework for long-term solutions to the short-staffing crisis.

This victory was delivered by the sheer grit, unwavering dedication, and unbreakable spirit of our Coalition union members. It is a victory well deserved.

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The 4-year contract covering 85,000 represented healthcare workers is in effect from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2027. Some highlights include:

Raises & Bonuses: 

  • 21% ATBs for all regions: 6% year one, 5% year two, 5% year three, and 5% year four (retroactive to Oct 1)

    PAYCHECK EFFECTIVE DATE (updated as of 12/5)
    NCAL/WA/MAS: 12/22

    SCAL/HI/CO/NW: 12/29
    Retro payments are typically included within 2 pay periods, and some might be as early as the same paycheck.

  • $1500 ratification bonus

    PAYCHECK EFFECTIVE DATE (updated as of 12/5)
    NCAL/WA/MAS: 12/8
    SCAL/HI/CO/NW: 12/15
    To be eligible for the Ratification Bonus, employees must be active and in a Coalition bargaining unit as of 11/09/2023.


    • Engages all UBTs in joint staffing models, plans, and budgeting by Aug 2025
    • Commits to reduce registry/traveler use
    • Proactively addresses vacancies
    • Restricts outsourcing and subcontracting
    • Increases funding for education and career development


      • 2023: minimum payout $1500 or more if performance goals are met (pro-rated for part-time and paid March 2024 )
      • 2024: minimum payout $1200 if performance goals met and up to $3750 if performance and financial goals met

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