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Coalition Union Nurses Join Mission to Puerto Rico

Tammie Tally-Ingrao, RN, (left) and Misty Richards, RN, leaving for Puerto Rico

Members of Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (OFNHP) have joined a large delegation of volunteers heading to Puerto Rico Wednesday morning to provide medical aid in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Two RNs and three nurse practitioners are representing OFNHP, a local of the American Federation of Teachers, and member of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions.

OFNHP’s membership includes more than 4,000 nurses and healthcare professionals in Oregon and SW Washington state. For updates and photos, follow the OFNHP’s Twitter feed.

“I am here because it’s what we do. As nurses, we answer the call for help…Today, I will be grateful that I can be of service.”
—Misty Richards, RN

OFNHP members heading to Puerto Rico:

Katherine (Kate) Salinas, Nurse Practitioner—Kaiser Interstate Medical Office South, Urgent Care

Maureen Upton, Nurse Practitioner—Kaiser Cascade Park Medical Offices, Urgent Care

Susan Gillispie, Nurse Practitioner—Kaiser Interstate Medical Office South, Urgent Care

Andreana (Andrea) Gentile, Nurse Practitioner—Kaiser Mount Talbert Medical Offices, Urgent Care

Misty Richards, RN—Sunnyside Medical Center, MSPCU (She is also the union local’s RN Bargaining Unit President)

Tammie Tally-Ingrao, RN—Sunnybrook Medical Office, ASC PACU

“We have been granted the gift of healing. The requirement of this gift is to share with those in need.”

—Susan Gillispie, Nurse Practitioner